Wednesday, 30 September 2009

what inspires me :)

some of my favourites:

these are some of my favourit thing that i adore and just cant stop wear them :) :

i really go crazy about flower clips and have few of them, the yellow one is the latest founds:

pearl earring, simple, goes with everything, just perfection.

aerosoles booties F/W 2007

Adidas Campus shoes, i love them, wear them all the time :)
my wedding rings :) ♥
My non brand scarf that is cute, funny, cool and one of my latest favourites:

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

what am i going crazy about...

i suppose there is no girl, who is interested in fashion, that would not just loooove shoes, I am crazy about shoe shopping and Im really proud about my latest found :) and you bet, they look even more beautifull in reall life.

i fist saw this necklace on Jenn Aniston in the movie Breakup and from that time i didnt stop thinking of it. I havent even saw smth that at least could look like it :/. This one is from Jennifer Meyer Jewelry collection, oh Im in love...

(pictures from:

i also cant wait it to be a little bit more colder weather, so i can finally put my new H&M pullover on. Its amazying, combining many styles, and reflects some sides of my personality, when i saw it at the store I just had to have it!!

and there is something i am still in love with, "old" but unforgetible 2008 Gucci Babouska Booties:

Monday, 21 September 2009

the 1st one

this is my first post at this blog, where i will continue to post all these thoughts, looks, ideas, wishes, things to do for wich there is no space in my head anymore. :) looking really forward to make this a really interesting page, also usefull for me and for you!

here is the first tip:
I finished this book few days ago and still really impressed! I totally recommend this one to you, and already curious what would you think about it.