Friday, 30 October 2009

My favourite movies of all times!!

I saw all these movies several times and the impression i had from them never goes away! a highly recommend those to you, they are all genious in some point, very life-about, those movies make ppl think, they are trying in there way to change the world. And if there are few persons who listened to those movies, then they all succeded.

Friday, 23 October 2009

SATC 2 is getting closer

Hey there!
As you all might know - the girls from SATC are on set again, filming the second movie!!! even though the release date in Prague is 3rd of June, i already cant wait to see it:)

The last one i went to see with my girlfriends, the were like 10 of us at the cinema, all styled up ;), and it was an evening to remember :)

Ofcourse there r already rumors all over the net about what the film is about, how itll end, etc, Im convinced to wait until Ill see it at the cinema and not to read o listen to any of those :oP, lets see whats waiting for us...

Miranda and her adorable leopard blazer, carrie and those colors! i dont get much the charlotte outfit on this pic, but who knows whats the movie point of it :)

As you can see Patricia Field presents the best quality of her work as always.. :)

Those are totally to-die-for ;)


Wolrd knoen 80s flashbacks, they look so unreal, and funny.... well we will see what is it all about in few months :)

Carrie´s adorable outfit, i wouldnt think that those colours would go together, but as we live and learn, here they are looking damn gooooooooooooooooooooooooood :)

The story of a real relationship....

When i saw this picture I couldnt believe it, Samantha is going to have a wedding in the SATC2? No kidding. :) or maybe she is going for a Halloween party :))

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hanging out....

hi there, sorry for not being there a while... busy working.

there are some new things going on.
i have some new shoes :) they are lavender colour, there will be an outfit soon including them.

ive finished the book "a thousand splendid suns" it totally empressed me, maybe the only book that almost made me cry, laough, smile and angry at the same time. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to if you didnt read this one yet.

Today i even started to read the first book of Khaled Hosseini "The Kit Runner" some say its even better then the one i finished, ill let you know my opinion as soon as Im done with this interesting thing :)

The weather is been really ugly past few days, its cold, windy, its wet.... god knows what to wear :))) - the nevere ending girl story..... Here is my outfit for the recnet window shopping, i went to check out the Desigual brand opening here in Prague, unfortunatly its just a follow up for another new brands, so there is not so many cool things as in Barcelona Desigual :) well hopefully it will catch up here and expend out :D You just cant not love those ..............................

Im living for the weekend, but hope to post here more often!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

party outfit :)

Here is what i wear for my friends birthday party tomorrow, have to consider the accesories and hair also, so it ll be even better :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

finally there

that invitation made my day, thanx Martyne!!!!

im on lookbook now, the best inspirational comunity! :))

Friday, 9 October 2009

In ♥ with pop art

Arent they just perfect?

Wich is this chair too for sure!

Oh, just no comment!

Lovely, charmy :)

Prada at pop art style:

Mary Katrantzou dresses...

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

cute cars...

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Thursday, 8 October 2009

On the break

This is my todays outfit :)

click on the photo to enlarge..

nylons details - differnt names of the cities

Tshirt detail.

What I wear:
AprilDevil Tshirt
Bershka West
Zara skirt
no-name nylons
TR shoes

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Alexander McQueen THE CREATOR

If there was some sort of "shoe wolrd" in reall life this men would be some of its leaders for certain. Could you imagine walking in this shoes? well these models do walk wearing them and they seam to be pretty ok with that.

This man can totally breake all the possible rules and just create shoes that he want to create! I suppose he has to be a crazy person but obviously all geniouses are!

Alexander McQueen

Do you see what i see?





Summer as it should be...


and to not be so into shoes only, this dress is just unbelievable!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Go-to-work outfit

Hi there, here is my outfit for the normal day at the office, its casual, and on the other hand very peculiar.

These are my desired shoes i wrote here about recently, they are just adorable, very stylish and comfortable too :), just love to wear them.

& bag detail.

What I wear:

Inés Missary scarf
Bershka sweater
Nikita belt
Levis jeans
T&R shoes
Gilda Tonelli bag

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Meet my buddies :)

Some of my most loved shoes SS:

my buddies for FW

the most imortant parts are always the details
(holds generally for all parts of an outfit)

Home Deco Shopping

Hey there, how is your Saturday, i hope you enjoying it!
Today I went for some home deco shopping, ive planned it couple of weeks and didnt have time yet. So here is what ive got :)

My husband & I got this retro 80s vase as a wedding gift, and today i bought some wooden decoration to put in it and it looks great.

im in love with this clock we have in our living room, arent they fantastic?

oh, just couldnt resist this tea canister, love it!

Well, and as I finished to read the "Stranger" (deeply impressed btw) - i needed something new to share my cup of tea with. :)

oh, and one more thing, i ve got the ankle shoes thouse everyday-to-weare ones!! i got totally different type of them, then i though Id buy, but anyway, ill put some outfits asap as i wasnt posting them properly lately :)