Saturday, 3 October 2009

Home Deco Shopping

Hey there, how is your Saturday, i hope you enjoying it!
Today I went for some home deco shopping, ive planned it couple of weeks and didnt have time yet. So here is what ive got :)

My husband & I got this retro 80s vase as a wedding gift, and today i bought some wooden decoration to put in it and it looks great.

im in love with this clock we have in our living room, arent they fantastic?

oh, just couldnt resist this tea canister, love it!

Well, and as I finished to read the "Stranger" (deeply impressed btw) - i needed something new to share my cup of tea with. :)

oh, and one more thing, i ve got the ankle shoes thouse everyday-to-weare ones!! i got totally different type of them, then i though Id buy, but anyway, ill put some outfits asap as i wasnt posting them properly lately :)

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