Friday, 23 October 2009

SATC 2 is getting closer

Hey there!
As you all might know - the girls from SATC are on set again, filming the second movie!!! even though the release date in Prague is 3rd of June, i already cant wait to see it:)

The last one i went to see with my girlfriends, the were like 10 of us at the cinema, all styled up ;), and it was an evening to remember :)

Ofcourse there r already rumors all over the net about what the film is about, how itll end, etc, Im convinced to wait until Ill see it at the cinema and not to read o listen to any of those :oP, lets see whats waiting for us...

Miranda and her adorable leopard blazer, carrie and those colors! i dont get much the charlotte outfit on this pic, but who knows whats the movie point of it :)

As you can see Patricia Field presents the best quality of her work as always.. :)

Those are totally to-die-for ;)


Wolrd knoen 80s flashbacks, they look so unreal, and funny.... well we will see what is it all about in few months :)

Carrie´s adorable outfit, i wouldnt think that those colours would go together, but as we live and learn, here they are looking damn gooooooooooooooooooooooooood :)

The story of a real relationship....

When i saw this picture I couldnt believe it, Samantha is going to have a wedding in the SATC2? No kidding. :) or maybe she is going for a Halloween party :))

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