Thursday, 19 November 2009


As Im not only about style person, Im also crazy about everything that has something to do with your look. Today i decided to post something about eye make up. I usualy dont ware make up everyday, not becouse i dont need to, Im just too lazy sometimes :) But when i do, i usualy pay more attantion to my eyes. They are green colores and these are some techniques, i use.

Smoky eye (with grey, gold, and light brown) .... nice attached with the outlining pencil.

This is like the perfect pallete to me, all the greens and brown colors, pity ist hard to find..

Perfect rosy party look..

I like this look, coz its so natural, though made really nicely with all the shadows and maskara and pencils.

I had my hair done like this lately :D

The perfect example of a smoky eye, ♥ it!

Something that you just cant not to post :)

On a wish list :)!!

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  1. I lovveeeee the sparkely eyes :)