Friday, 20 November 2009

Style Alert!!!!

The over-the-knees!

Just cant get enough of them, though not owning ones myself!! Oh, what a horrible mistake, i have to do better :). As I posted earlier ive ordered the over the knee boots from london, but ill have them only on the end of December :-/ sad.................. So Im continuing dreaming about all the different combinations about these shoes (tight jeans, tights, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, jackets etc etc..)!!

Here is a picture of almost the same kind of shoes ive got ordered from Primark /the tassel ones/ they look gorgeous, love them!

Those are Steven by Steve Madden Insayne Over The Knee Boots, awesome!

Love at the first sight - and then can anybody say it doesnt exist? :)

Septembers ELLE and Ms.Lohan wearing the Over-the-knee boots

This is one of the most adorable looks ever!!! Im totally in love with it, everything fits in, so casual, thoug its a blast!!! Stunning!!!

This i found today, the gucci and primark - find 10 differences! Agh!

These over the knees are from ZARA, could you believe it? i didnt see those here in Prague at Zara store, but Im definatly going back there to see if i didnt miss something! Sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Im a fan of lavender colour so I just couldnt not to post these :o)

Some others to compare.....