Monday, 30 November 2009

WIsh list №XXXX

Another wish list :)

Howcome girls ALWAYS need something. Even if you know you have few thing totally similar, you just cant control it :) you just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this one too!!!

Im not this psyco all the time, but i think this balck friday thing make me think a bit more about all these what you need and what you just must have! Unfortunatly (or thanx god?) there is no such thing as Black Friday here in central Europe, so we just have to wait until the big after-christmass-sales...

Wish item 1 - colored leather gloves, how could one decide what color to pick, or what length to choose, they all are adorable. And almost every cut is "IN" style...

As´ve been said few times in previous posts - Over the knees are a must have. These are from BIBA and Kate Moss is apperatnly sleeping wearing them too :)

Btw the first look is so charming. the shirt and the jacket, yamiii!!!

Even though ive bought one of these shirts yesterday (posted some pics in a post below) but i totally need another one in different lenght and cut. Here are some tips how to wear them.

Studded everything is just an obsession!!!!!!!!! the studded shoes are not in my closet so far.... well, these are from Isabella Marant, absolutly stunning!

Another thing i must have is a clutch hand bag!
So cute, so different. I always thought its not practic and uncomfy to have such a bag on a party or for everyday outfits, but look at theeeeeeseeeeeeeee??? Who cares???

Oh yeah........ the aviator sunglases........

This is an "example" of todays most perfect outfits.
1) the oversize hat!
2) aviators
3)oversize cardigan
4) cute-rock handwear
5) tight jeans
6)oversize bag

Love those.... pop art isnt dead! :oD

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